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gRPC Based DAGService

One of the core interfaces for using IPFS is the DAGService interface, that specifies how you can get, and add IPLD nodes both to the network, and your local blockstore.

dag_service.go showcases a working example of you can use can use the NodeAPIClient generated gRPC client as a way of satisfying ipld.DAGService using TemporalX. As such this will allow you to swap out existing DAGService implementations used by clients such as go-ipfs, or ipfs-lite for one that relies on a remote TemporalX server.

By using this module you will not be required to run a DAGService locally, and can instead delegate all processing to a remote TemporalX server via the Dag RPC call. This is particular interesting for use with things like go-ds-crdt as well as running TemporalX in resource constrained environments while being able to fully leverage the resources of a more powerful, remote TemporalX service.

For an example of how this is used, please consult s3x