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Configuration Migration

Every once in awhile we will introduce breaking changes to the configuration file format, however we will always provide a CLI command that can be used to do the migration.

Version 3 To Version 4


To migrate from version 3 to version 4 run the following command:

$> tex-cli --cfg /path/to/version3/config.yml config migrate --input.version 3 --target.version 4

This will than replace the config file at /path/to/version3/config.yml with it’s version 4 equivalent. There will also be a file /path/to/version3/config.yml-bak which is a backup of the version 3 configuration file.


The only problems we have identified when migrating from v3 to v4 occur with time.Duration values. Depending on how you had your v3 configuration done, you get warnings similar to:

error encountered: time: invalid duration

You will want to search for any empty strings "" that are related to a time duration configuration option. The likely culprit is grpc_port_dial_Timeout, and the best fix is to remove the setting, or set it to something like 2s.