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Our primary source of benchmarks for TemporalX comes from our CI builds, where with every new release, we run the same set of benchmarks. The idea behind this is that we can see performance changes in real time, and catch performance regressions as they happen, not months or weeks later. All of our CI benchmarks come from the amazing gobenchdata. While our setup is a little convoluted due to a closed source repository, consisting of running the CI benchmarks, and manually uploading them to GitHub Pages, gobenchdata is an all around extremely solid benchmark recording tool. This limitation of a convoluted process is only because github actions don’t work very well with private repositories.

CI Benchmarks

The following are benchmark samples that we capture during our CI processes to ensure consistent performance overtime, and catch performance regressions as they happen:

Published Reports

Every once in awhile we will publish reports/analysis of the performance you get with TemporalX: