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TxPB is the main source of information for using TemporalX, and includes protocol buffer definitions, generated code, and documentation. If you are looking for the protocol buffer definitions, check the pb folder.

We have pre-generated gRPC bindings for the following languages:

If you want bindings in other languages, feel free to open a github issue. Alternatively you can generate language bindings independently as long as the languages you are using support the appropriate protocol buffer and gRPC versions.

Client Libraries

The following packages are client libraries that can be used to interact with TemporalX without needing to write any code, or writing less code than using gRPC directly:


For all documentation please consult the docs folder


We have an ever growing library of examples that will help you get started with TemporalX. For all code examples see the examples folder.

Code Generation

Before generating the code, you’ll need to download quite a few generators. Before downloading the generators you’ll need to have a valid installation of the following, please consult appropriate installation manuals as required:

Once you have all of this installed, you can then install the needed generators which will allow you to generate the gRPC client stubs. To do this run make install. This has to download quite a few packages so it might take some time to complete. The only thing this doesn’t install is a java generator, to do that visit https://search.maven.org/search?q=g:io.grpc%20a:protoc-gen-grpc-java and download the one for your platform.

After you’ve downloaded all generator tooling, you can generate the client stubs, and documentation with a single make.


In an effort to reduce the frequency of responding to commonly asked questions, we have provided an FAQ


As of release v3.4.3 everything in the repository is licensed under GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3.